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Reid Clanton's Return to Europe After 78 Years - Day One

Mr. Clanton landed in London at 11:00 AM, and boy, did he hit the ground running! He spent the afternoon visiting the Churchill War Rooms, and other sites around London (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, etc). This evening, we had a very special dinner with Celia Sandys, Winston Churchill's granddaughter.

This episode, the first of many we will publish during our trip, includes a conversation between Celia and our guests, as Celia discusses many aspects of Churchill's life not publicly known.

Thank you, to the following for amazing people for contributing to this episode:

Celia Sandys

Robert Vela

Martha Vela

Tracy Huff

Melissa Starr

Sarah Starr

Julia Tracy

Van Tracy

Mike Denman

Janet Riddle

Mike Tarr

Amber Tarr

Reid Clanton'

Carolynn Clanton

Bryan Chandler

Kathy Oliver

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