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What exactly does my trip include/not include?

We offer two categories of experiences:  premium and budget.  For premium experiences our trip includes pick-up from meeting point, private transportation, lodging, breakfast and dinner meals each day (lunch is usually on your own in towns throughout the European countryside), and admission to all tour sites.  For budget packages, our trip includes pick-up from meeting point, private transportation, breakfast, and admission to all tour sites.  Trips DO NOT include airfare or transportation to the meeting point, lunch, spending money, and souvenirs.  Generally speaking, 1-2 alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, etc) will be included with dinner, but not unlimited alcoholic beverages.

Will I have the opportunity to meet World War II Veterans on my trip?

Most definitely, yes.  Meeting World War II Veterans is one of the unique aspects of Walk Among Heroes.  You won't find these opportunities anywhere else.  Some of our packages include travel WITH a World War II Veteran, or Veterans, which will be specified upon booking.  Other trips simply involve meeting and mingling with World War II Veterans throughout.  Regardless, these moments and experiences are treasured opportunities to hear first-person accounts from those who were there, fighting for the world.  

Is a COVID vaccine required for travel in Europe?

At this time, no.  No COVID vaccine is required by the U.K. or European Union.  If that changes, we will contact all guests.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

Yes, we do recommend travel insurance.  Travel insurance is not generally expensive, and it includes coverage for things like travel delays, illness, theft, and other unexpected situations.  Allianz and Travelex are two companies that offer affordable, comprehensive coverage.

How physically strenuous are the trips and experiences?

Our trips are designed to accommodate all ages and levels of physical fitness.  Many of our experiences include World War II Veterans, so great care has been implemented to ensure our experiences are not overly strenuous.  That said, there will be opportunities to hike and visit areas that require higher levels of physical fitness, and in those cases we will specify ahead-of-time.  If you are considering a trip or experience, and you have physical limitations, please contact us, and we can talk through it.

I have dietary restrictions.  Will that be a problem?

No problem at all.  We are well-versed in accommodating a variety of dietary needs.  Simply inform us of your specific need(s), and we will design our meal plan accordingly.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do.  Payment plans depend on the time you'll be traveling.  Generally speaking, each trip or experience requires a deposit, then monthly plans (either 6-month or 12-month) can be selected.  Simply submit an inquiry for the trip you're interested and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss a payment plan that works for you.

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, it is refundable up to 120 days prior to the tour, minus a 10% processing and re-booking fee. 

What is the average size of a tour group?

The average size for our premium experience is 15-18 guests.  Premium guests are transported in spacious, luxury vans.  The average size for our economy experience is 25-30 guests, with transportation in a coach bus.  Our goal is for ALL guests to feeling of comfort and luxury.

What if I'm traveling with someone who isn't a history 'buff,' or maybe I'm not a history buff, but I love to travel?

Many of our travelers aren't history buffs.  They simply want to experience local food, wine, and culture, while also learning about some of our world's most important historic events.  Each tour will include day trips that focus on wineries, local cuisine, and other elements of the European culture not necessarily related to history.  Our Normandy trip, for example, offers two separate options each day:  a history 'buff' option, and a more relaxed, local option which also includes some history.  Bottom line, MANY of our guests who didn't consider themselves history 'buff's' said that this was the greatest experience they have ever been part of.  We work hard to understand each guests' objectives and to balance history versus local culture.

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