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Jack Gutman, U.S. Navy Corpsman, World War II. D-Day & Okinawa Invasions

Walk Among Heroes is proud to welcome Mr. Jack Gutman. One of the most inspirational Veterans I know, Mr. Gutman has a very unique perspective on World War II. As a Navy Corpsman (similar to an Army Medic), Mr. Gutman invaded Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion alongside Army soldiers. Several months later, he invaded Okinawa alongside Marines. Mr. Gutman is the only Veteran I know who took part in both invasions. I met Mr. Gutman in Normandy last year, and since then, we’ve become great friends.

After Mr. Gutman was discharged from the Navy, he battled undiagnosed PTSD for more than 66 years before finally seeking help. In his mid-80’s, Mr. Gutman learned to cope with memories of the traumatic events he experienced during World War II. Although Mr. Gutman will never fully overcome those memories, he made a decision to use his experiences to inspire and assist others. He willingly shares his story, the challenges he experienced, and the path he has taken to overcome those challenges. At age ninety, he decided to publish a book, ‘One Veteran’s Journey to Heal the Wounds of War.’ His book provides an amazing account of Mr. Gutman’s experiences, challenges, and all he has done to overcome those challenges. For those interested, Mr. Gutman’s book can be purchased at:

What an incredible honor to hear Mr. Gutman’s story. Thank you, Mr. Gutman, for inspiring all of us.

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