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What is Extra Time Betting? Secrets to Winning Big in Extra Time Betting

Quite a few football betting enthusiasts have explored and become familiar with extra time betting. This has also become a popular choice among many bettors. Compared to other main types of bets, extra time betting is seen as easier and quicker to play. As a result, this type of bet continues to grow and become increasingly popular. So, what exactly is the concept of extra time betting? Does this type of bet have different strategies compared to other betting types?

Understanding What Extra Time Betting Is?

Soccer betting involves a variety of terms used for different situations, one of which is the term for extra time betting. This is one of the most frequently used terms in online betting and is also an attractive betting option that many players participate in. If you have studied soccer betting terms, then extra time betting is not a new concept. However, you may want to learn more about the most detailed concept of what extra time betting is.

True to its name, extra time betting is a type of bet typically offered by bookmakers like Wintips. This bet arises when a match includes additional extra time periods to determine the final winning and losing team. The duration of these extra time periods is determined based on specific designated time. Typically, extra time betting is sure to be available in knockout stage matches.

So, what are the rules for calculating extra time bets? This is also a question many people have. Although extra time helps football predictions 100 % teams to determine the final result of the match when they cannot decide the winner in the regular two halves, the rules for calculating extra time bets are less known.

The calculation rules for extra time betting are based on the results of the two main halves that preceded it and are calculated in second-leg or knockout matches. Therefore, extra time betting helps determine the ultimate winning team. The referee will announce the duration of the extra time round, which will be about 10-15 minutes for each match.

The Most Popular Types of Extra Time Bets

What is the Handicap Bet in Extra Time Betting?

When bookmakers like Wintips or other betting sites offer handicap betting, players can participate in betting for both extra time periods. Players have the right to participate in one or both of the matches like the first or second extra time period or bet on both extra time periods. More specific details are provided below.

In the first extra time handicap betting, this period will use the dropping odds strategy of common handicap bets. After the end of the 15-minute period, the reward will be announced when the result is available. In case there is an incident causing the first extra time to be canceled, the bets placed by the players can still be accepted.

What does it mean to participate in handicap betting for both matches in extra time betting? In this betting method, the handicap odds from Asian handicaps will be used. The payment of bets and winnings for players will be carried out after the match ends in 30 minutes.

What is the 1 X 2 Bet in Extra Time Betting?

The 1 x 2 bet is a type familiar to many bettors who regularly participate in European handicap betting. In this type of bet, you will bet on the options predetermined by Wintips. These include three different betting options: the home team wins, the away team wins, and the final result is a draw.

The 1 x 2 bet in the first half will last for 15 minutes, but an important point to note is that if there is an incident or the match is canceled, the bets placed will be voided. If the match is interrupted during the second half, the previous bets will still be counted. With the 1 x 2 bet for both extra time periods, this is when the betting odds will be calculated over 30 minutes. Also, if the match encounters an incident, the bet will have to be voided in any case.

Secrets to Sure-Win Extra Time Betting

Choosing to Place Bets on Extra Time

Once you understand what extra time betting is, you can choose to place bets on extra time matches according to your personal preference. However, players should be more careful when researching the matches they plan to bet on. If it's a match in the first leg of a tournament, it's highly unlikely that there will be extra time betting.

However, when betting on second leg matches, the likelihood of extra time betting is also rare if there is a significant disparity in the level of the two teams. In the second leg, if the two teams are assessed to be not evenly matched, the chances of having extra time betting are almost nil. But if the two teams have equal results in both the first and second legs, then extra time betting will occur. At that point, Wintips will offer various bets with attractive odds.

Researching the Actual Strength Gap Between Competing Teams

If you are a professional bettor who understands how to bet on extra time, you certainly cannot ignore information related to the teams. This is a corner betting strategy that many bettors must apply if they want to win big prizes. Especially in extra time betting, you don't need to delve too deeply into the strength of the two teams. Instead, players should try to gather information about the gap between the teams.

Key points to note when researching a team include physical fitness, game plan, and lineup. Typically, a regular match lasts over an hour, so fatigue is inevitable. However, the team with higher physical strength and a stronger lineup has a higher chance of winning in extra time.

Considering the Odds from Bookmakers

In extra time betting, there are often unexpected results that are unpredictable. This also contributes to attracting bettors to participate in betting. However, you can consider the odds from Wintips. This is a good suggestion to help you make more confident bets.


The article provides comprehensive information on the concept of extra time betting. It includes extremely useful tip for win and strategies that will help you enhance your betting skills. We hope this will lead you to more accurate betting methods. Experience betting with Wintips to have the opportunity to receive a substantial reward when you win big.


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