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Chateau L'Isle Marie

Walk Among Heroes has been granted exclusive access to the world famous Chateau L'Isle Marie, for World War II experiences.  Chateau L'Isle Marie is a 30,000 SF chateau, nestled on more than 300 acres featuring pristine, untouched natural Normandy countryside.  The chateau grounds were originally inhabited by the Vikings in 900 AD.



Originally discovered and inhabited by the Vikings in 900 AD based on its' strategic location, the chateau has remained in the current owners' family since originally constructed.  During World War II, Nazi leadership occupied the chateau until U.S. Forces took it on D-Day, June 6, 1944, after a significant battle.  The chateau remained at the center of the battle during the Normandy campaign, with a C47 aircraft crash landing right behind the chateau.  Your experience will include a complete history of the chateau and grounds, provided by the family who has owned the chateau for more than 1,000 years.

Family Living & World Class Dining

Enjoy modern day amenities offered by the chateau, while living together in a 'bed and breakfast-style' environment.  The chateau offers private rooms, as well as beautiful common living areas, dining areas, and kitchen.  Enjoy mingling and visiting with the owners and local staff. Several meals will be catered and enjoyed at the chateau during your experience.


Nature & Wildlife

Explore the 300-acre grounds of L'Isle Marie on trails woven through history.  Walk alongside the river, view palatial structures, enjoy local wildlife, and even visit the dozens of local horses who graze on the never-ending green landscape of L'Isle Marie.

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