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‘Walk Among Heroes’ is a podcast that presents real stories from the bravest men and women in the world, real military heroes.  Jeff Wells, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, hosts a military hero on his show each week, as these incredible heroes tell their stories, unedited and in their own words.  From the sights, sounds, and smells of combat, to their secrets for a long and successful life, these Veterans tell all.  This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about our nation’s history, and most importantly, wants to understand the intimate details of those who fought to provide us with the greatest privilege in the world, freedom.  Wars are not won by generals standing in front of maps.  They are won by the men on the ground, fighting through near-impossible odds to ensure our liberty will never falter.  Unlike other podcasts that focus on higher-level military history, ‘Walk Among Heroes’ brings you stories and perspectives from those closest to the battles:  the Ground-Pounders, G.I.’s, Dog Faces, Doughboys, Grunts, Sailors, Flyboys, Squids, Frogmen, Devil Dogs, Leathernecks, and others who were on the ground, in the arena, fighting for our great nation.  Hear their stories and perspectives as ‘Walk Among Heroes’ strives to ensure they are never forgotten.  A new episode will be posted eachTuesday.  

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