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You want to be like the normal version, and then the heroic one, you're just never going to run out of WoW Classic SoD Gold mana. It's actually not too radical of a change. But, you know, particularly the I think this this affects humans who are not typically equipped with an PvP trinket. So you go into PvE with two really good trinkets and you don't have to worry about the PvP trinket since you're everyone for themselves, this is another reason why is that they're changing it to allow them survive.

Also, in the your pre-patch, you'll see that change. One of the most significant modifications, however, if aren't aware of it yet is the random search for dungeons. That is, the inexistent existence of it in Wrath of the Lich King. Activision has no plans to include the random dungeon finder, which is a major setback to the majority of the players, me being a lazy player. I want to I want to just be able to queue up and be teleported to a dark dungeon.

I love that. It's not going to be found in that. But for a lot of folks, people are satisfied. Therefore, I'm extremely happy for those people. But you know, it's unlikely to be here. It could be that they're trying to hold out for us. We'll be able to see it added in phases three or four. It's hard to say. But it's unlikely to be there at WoW SoD Gold the end.


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