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2024 Normandy Experience:  British/Canadian Sector
June 16-22, 2024

Experience the key sites and moments in Normandy that led to a successful invasion by the Allies in June 1944.  Experience Gold, Sword, and Juno beaches, as well as Pegasus Bridge and the other key battlefield sites within the British and Canadian sectors.

Experience Pricing:

Single Traveler:  $5,900

Couple:  $8,999

Experience Includes:

  • An immersive experience, led by Veterans, and supporting Veterans, to walk and understand the path of our heroes (not just see it, but feel it.)

  • 7 days/6 nights at Chateau L’Isle Marie, one of the most famous and historic chateaux in the Normandy region (12th century chateau)

  • Ferry transportation from Portsmouth to Caen, then private transportation for the duration of the experience.

  • All breakfast and dinner meals included.  Typically lunch will be left to each individual/couple as we’re visiting various locations in Normandy

  • In-person encounters with Veterans and/or other personnel who actually participated in the Normandy missions

  • A special gift to commemorate your experience

  • Trip Highlights:

    • Gold, Sword, & Juno Beaches

    • Pegasus Bridge

    • Bayeux

    • Caen

    • British D-Day Memorials

    • Longues-sur-Mer

    • Hill 112

    • Maison de Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

    • U.S. Sector - Various Sites

    • Follow the path of the Band of Brothers

    • Museums and Other Ceremonies/Normandy Experiences

Daily Itinerary:


June 16:  Transportation from Portsmouth to Normandy.  Catered dinner at the chateau.


June 17:  Gold Beach, Longues-sur-Mer, Bayeux

June 18:  Juno Beach, Hill 112, Maison de Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

June 19:  Sword Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Piper Bill MIllin Memorial

June 20:  U.S. Sector 

June 21:  Follow the Path of the Band of Brothers

June 22:  D-Day Walk, Transportation to Portsmouth



All guests will stay at the impressive Chateau L'Isle Marie, an eleventh-century chateau and grounds originally inhabited by the Vikings.  The 30,000 sq ft chateau features more than 300 acres of pristine natural grounds inhabited by horses and teeming with local wildlife.  Each guest/couple will stay in a private room within the chateau.  Ensuite or Jack and Jill-style bathrooms are available.  To learn more about Chateau L'Isle Marie, click HERE.

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